Window Tint isn’t Just for Summertime

It’s the dead heat of summer in North Carolina. As you climb into your stifling car, sweat makes you stick to your seats and you scorch your hands on the overheated steering wheel. You might even think to yourself, “I need my windows tinted.” Then fall comes, a chill creeps into the air, and the thought of window film hops into the backseat with all the other things you considered in the warmer weather. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you should forget about tinting.


Fall weather assists the tint process.

Autumn is a great time to tint your windows because the mild temperatures and low humidity levels ensure the tint adheres properly.


Reduces glare.

Seasons are changing and we are preparing to update our clocks for daylight savings. The sun is lower in the sky at this time of the year, which causes more glare on the windows and windshield while driving. Not only is the glare extremely annoying, it can be dangerous. If we get any winter precipitation in Eastern North Carolina, hazardous glare issues only increase when light reflects off the fresh snow or ice. A quality window tint can reduce that glare and keep you safe while on the road.


Decrease your chances of theft.

As we approach the holidays, the chances of crime and theft skyrocket. Tinting your windows helps keep your vehicle and what’s inside hidden from wandering eyes. Window tint gives you privacy and in turn helps to protect your belongings.

But whatever the season, Coastal Glass Tinting can offer you a first-class tint that meets any and all of your car’s needs. Contact us today to beat the holiday rush and give yourself the early present that you deserve.