Storm Protection Film for Your Home

Natural light, fantastic views: windows can add plenty of aesthetically pleasing elements to your home or business throughout the entire year.

But when the coastal storm season rolls in and brings intense wind and weather conditions, your windows are some of the most at-risk points of your home or commercial establishment. Flying debris and other damaging elements can shatter those beautiful windows, leaving you and other inhabitants of your building exposed to the ensuing danger of access for natural projectiles and broken glass.

But you don’t have to weather the storm without the proper protection in place.

Safe and affordable window storm protection films are available at our shop via Llumar®, the window film manufacturer most trusted by Coastal Glass Tinting. Engineered for strength and fortitude in the face of accidents and natural disruptions, these safety and security films are made with heavy-duty polyester and use strong adhesives to bond to surfaces of any size or shape. By keeping glass in place within its respective window frame, no matter the outdoor conditions or influences, these clear films are ideal for protecting any of the windows in your home or business.

Though virtually noticeable once applied, these films have been tested for high safety and security standards and found durable enough to last through and protect your windows from the elements. Coastal Glass Tinting offers a range of cost-effective, easily maintained window film options for your home, business, or other commercial establishment. For more information, contact our team to discuss your window film protection needs before the next storm arrives on your doorstep.