A Residential Flat Glass Case Study

At Coastal Glass Tinting we are committed to giving our clients a  superior window tinting experience. Sometimes the best way to prove that is with using customer testimonial. This residential flat glass case study gives us a glimpse into why window tinting is so important, and how expert installation can make a house a home.


A customer in Landfall loves the view and the natural light that streams into her kitchen through the windows. The kitchen is the most heavily used room in the house and the large windows are a focal point. Unfortunately, the heat and glare make it very difficult for friends and family to enjoy the beautiful space.



Mary wanted to maintain the great qualities of this room, such as the natural light and the picturesque view but she didn’t want to sacrifice color, clarity, or the aesthetic appeal. When she learned about the benefits of window film she called Coastal Glass Tinting. We met with her at her home and showed her the many window film options that would help solve her problem. Mary selected Vista by Llumar Ceramic Series 45, which provided the right look with exceptional protection from high temperatures and harsh sunlight for Mary and her family.



Since the installation, heat and glare has been notably reduced in Mary’s kitchen with minimal change to the window’s overall appearance. Additionally, the film blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays, which protects her valuables against premature fading. “I have told friends that I feel like we put a great pair of polarized sunglasses on our home”, said Mary. “The views are crystal clear and the colors appear a little brighter.” Read more about the many benefits of window tint on Llumars informative website.


Mary and her family enjoy their kitchen even more now than before the window film was installed.


Performance Data

As this residential flat glass case study suggests, quality window tint brings the outdoors in and helps reduce glare. If you are interested in making your home the comfortable haven for your family that is was meant to be, call Coastal Glass Tinting today or go online to our free quote form. If we have peaked your interest check our residential portfolio to see more examples of our amazing work.