How to Protect Your Home While You’re on Vacation

There’s nothing better than a vacation. We all deserve a chance to kick back and relax, whether that’s by booking a trip to Disney or taking a tropical cruise to the Bahamas.

The fastest way to ruin a hard-earned vacation, however, is by spending the whole thing worrying about your empty home. Did you lock all the doors? Did you remember to set the alarm? Is someone breaking into your house right this very second and running off with all your valuables? We sure hope not!

Instead of risking everything for a few days of fun in the sun, save yourself the stress and take some precautions before you pack your bags. By following these tips, your home will be safe, secure, and exactly as you left it.

  • Don’t announce your whereabouts until you’ve returned.
    Today’s burglars are social media savvy, and can easily scroll through public posts to see where you are, when you got there, and how long they have until you return. While you might be tempted to brag about your big trip, wait until after you’ve returned. Bonus points: unplugging from social media while you’re away will help you live in the moment.

  • Ask a neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers.
    There’s no clearer sign that someone isn’t home than a pile of newspapers on the front porch or an overflowing mail box. Ask a neighbor to take your mail inside, and check on your house while they are there. Be sure to bring them a small souvenir as a thank you!
  • Put your indoor and outdoor lights on timers.
    Burglars look for easy opportunities to break in, and if a home is lit up in the evenings, it will look as if someone is home. For someone who wants to get in and out (with your prized possessions), even the chance that someone might be home is a huge deterrent.
  • Tint your windows before you go.
    Burglars like to check a place out before they commit to breaking in, and the best way to do that is by peeking through the windows. If they can’t see anything of value, they’ll likely move on to a new target. You can protect your home by using residential window tint, which makes it difficult to see inside without making the interior of your home dark. You can also use safety and security window film, which reinforces the glass and makes it harder to break. For a professional, high quality tinting job, contact Coastal Glass Tinting today.

We hope these tips help keep your home safe so you can enjoy your next vacation. Happy travels!