Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season with Storm Protection Films

As the 2017 hurricane season ramps up, we’re seeing an unprecedented number of storms brewing over the Atlantic and coming for our coastal cities. There are many ways to prepare for a hurricane, such as stock-piling supplies, choosing a pre-determined evacuation route, and finding ways to protect your home. One lesser known option that will help keep your home safe during storms is to apply storm protection film to the windows of your home.

Is storm protection film a magic bullet that will keep your windows intact no matter what hits them? Not quite—it isn’t that powerful. It does, however, offer some very real benefits that homeowners in coastal cities prone to big storms will appreciate.

The Benefits of Storm Protection Films

One of the biggest threats from a hurricane are the fierce winds—Category 3 hurricanes are marked by sustained winds of 111-129 miles per hour, and it just gets more intense after that. If these winds pick up objects or tear branches from trees, this debris can easily crash into your windows, shattering the glass and leaving your home vulnerable to gushing water, unwelcome critters, and unsavory thieves, not to mention the health hazard of having shattered glass all over your living areas. Cleaning it up thoroughly takes forever, and cutting your foot during or after a major storm is no picnic. It’s better to avoid the whole mess in the first place, and storm protection window film is an excellent way to do just that.

Llumar Window Film for Hurricane Protection

Storm protection films are a simple, straightforward, and clever way to minimize the damage that can occur during hurricane season. At Coastal Glass Tinting, we proudly carry Llumar window film, which is thin, clear, and barely detectible. This particular range of films was engineered for strength, with a heavy-duty polyester compound that’s bonded to surfaces using the industry’s strongest adhesives. It’s important to note that window film doesn’t make glass shatterproof, but it does make them more shatter-resistant. While the glass will still break when hit by a flying object, the window film keeps the shards in place. During a natural disaster, that extra bit of strength and security can make all the difference.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you’re ready to protect your home from the next hurricane, contact Coastal Glass Tinting today. We’re always happy to discuss your options and show you how the right window film can make your home safer and stronger.