Keep Your Home Cool this Summer with Window Tint

We are just entering summer here in North Carolina and the intense heat is already beating down on us. It’s tempting to seek relief inside the comfort of our homes with air conditioning unit cranked low, but running the A.C. at low temperatures all summer will hit your wallet and the environment hard. Fortunately, Coastal Glass has a solution – a high quality residential window tint that will keep your home cool and comfortable all season long. Keep reading for more details on how to keep your home cool this summer with window tint!


Experts recommend that window tint be applied to your home’s windows to save money and energy. Many people don’t realize that windows are extremely important to a home’s structure and they play a large role in controlling your homes energy. According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual, approximately one-third of an average home’s utility bills are wasted by heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer through untreated windows. Residential window tint can help lower cooling expenses by reducing solar heat from the outside and reducing hot spots inside your home.


In addition to insulating your home, window tint has many additional benefits. High quality window films like Llumar, can block up to 99 perfect of the sun’s harmful UV rays that reach the inside of your home. This prevents the fading of flooring, furniture and décor, and will extend the life of these interior items for many years. Not only will window film protect your belongings, it will protect you and your family from damaging UV rays as well. UV light can damage skin cells and it is possible to get sunburn through unprotected windows. By preventing that light from coming in, you can stop a lot of skin damage before it starts. The Skin Cancer Foundation endorses window film as a way of preventing the development of skin cancer.


A superior window tint will bring the beauty of the outdoors in, while protecting what is inside, and keeping you cool and comfortable all season long. Prevent the outrageous energy bills this summer with a simple fix, and make your living space cool and comfortable for you and your family. Your home is your relaxing sanctuary away from the stresses of the world, make sure it’s the comfortable retreat that it was meant to be and call Coastal Glass today!