Keep your Car Looking New Longer with LLumar Paint Protection

With Llumar’s paint protection and Coastal Glass Tinting’s professional installation, you can defend your car against anything that the road dares to throw at it. Life can come at you hard and it can be messy, so drive confidently with this state-of-the-art and barely detectable product. Just like the first cut is the deepest, we know that the first scratch hurts the most. Prevent those painful dings and scratches that make you wince and keep your car looking new longer with Llumar paint protection.


This high tech paint protection creates a glossy and defensive shield between your car and the road debris that comes your way. This product is the ultimate defense against rocks, salt, sand, rocks, chips and scratches. Because this paint protection self-heals in the sun, it protects the areas where your car is most exposed. Llumar paint protection produces an easy-to-clean and stain resistant surface, perfect for the busy car lover who needs the peace of mind that paint protection has to offer.


Our virtually invisible Llumar paint protection films are the smart, easy way to keep your paint finish looking fresh and flawless for miles. You’ll appreciate what this specialty film’s self-healing properties do for the life of your finish – and for your life on the road.


Since 1980, Coastal Glass Tinting has been providing our area with premier automotive window film sales and installations. Our knowledge and experience is why you can trust us with one of your greatest investments. Whether its Llumar paint protection or Skin Cancer Foundation approved window tinting we are your local, leading experts. Call Coastal Glass today so you can start worrying less and start enjoying the drive a lot more. Check out our video and see what Llumar paint protection can do for you!