Frequently asked Questions about Window Tinting

For professionals like Coastal Glass Tinting, window tinting is our area of expertise. We understand that while tinting is an uncomplicated process for us, it can be overwhelming for our clients. Most customers have many questions and come to us because of our trusted reputation and years of experience. If you are considering window tint for your vehicle, here are answers to our most frequently asked questions about window tinting:


Where is the tint actually applied?

Most people do not realize that window film is applied on the interior side of your vehicle windows. This allows for maximum durability- there is no risk of damage from road debris, scratching branches, or extreme weather.


How long will it take to tint my vehicle?

A full car takes approximately two to three hours to tint. Two front doors will take about one hour. Our customers can drop off their vehicle, or enjoy a complimentary beverage and free Wi-Fi in our showroom while they wait.


What shade of tint is legal or illegal in North Carolina?

The short answer is that – it depends. Film darkness limits depend on the vehicle you have and will vary based on front or rear windows. Read more on North Carolinas window tint laws in our blog post.


Does Coastal Glass provide onsite window tinting?

Coastal Glass Tinting only provides installations in our climate-controlled facility. This is the only way for us to ensure our customers are getting the highest quality installation. In our shop we can control the temperature, monitor the installation quality, and keep your vehicle is safe from any debris. While there is a convenience that comes with mobile tinting, our main concern is your car and the final product. Ultimately, the slight hassle of bringing your car into the shop will be worth the high-quality tint job you’ll receive.


How do I maintain my window tint?

After we tint your windows, leave them rolled up for three to five days and wait one week before cleaning the inside of the glass. After a week, simply clean them with any ammonia-free cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel. You can always go to Cruisers Carwash & Detail Center. The Cruisers crew is well-versed in tinted windows and always uses ammonia-free glass cleaners and microfiber towels. It’s the perfect spa day for your freshly tinted car!


How long will my window tint last?

The window tint will last the life of the car as long as you follow the basic cleaning instructions.


Does Coastal Glass offer a warranty?

Yes, our films are backed by a lifetime nationwide warranty for the life of the vehicle. If you move from the area and you need warranty service, just go to the LLumar website and locate a SelectPro dealer closest to you. Also, if you ever sell or trade your vehicle, the warranty stays with the car and its new owner.


Does window film block UV Rays?

Our films block over 99% of the UVA & UVB rays, the largest cause of skin cancer. Shockingly, driving is linked to approximately 53% of skin cancers in the U.S. on the left side of the body. Fortunately, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint as part of a comprehensive skin care program.


My vehicle already has factory tint, why would I need window tint installed from Coastal Glass?

Factory tinted glass is just colored glass, so it will not provide the same protection against dangerous UV rays and stifling summer heat. If you currently only have factory tint, call us today and we will get you comfortable in your ride and safe from those harmful rays.


Is it bad to get windows tinted in winter?

No, at Coastal Glass we tint year round.  We have a fully equipped climate-controlled shop that allows us to tint cars in any type of weather or climate.


If you’re ready to beat the heat, get rid of the glare, and protect your belongings all while looking sleek, we can help. We have many different auto tint packages to meet your needs. If you have any more questions, contact us today and we will be happy to help!