Four Tips to Help you Choose the Right Window Tint

Window tint will give your car a modern and defined look, but did you know it is functional as well? Tinting your vehicle windows eliminates the sun’s harmful rays, helping to protect you and your family from skin cancer. The Skin Cancer Foundation actually recommends window tinting as a part of a comprehensive skin care program. Window tinting will keep you cooler and more comfortable in the heat of summer and helps prevent annoying and potentially dangerous glare. It also gives you an extra level of privacy and keeps what’s inside your car safe from wandering eyes. With all the benefits, window tinting is a no-brainer, but there are many things to consider when deciding what type of tint is best for your car. Here are four tips to help you choose the right window tint.


Check your states tinting rules.

Vehicle window tints come in various levels and different states have different laws on how dark you can go. The darkness of a tint is measured by the visible light that can pass through it, so North Carolinas regulations may be a little complicated for the average car driver. At Coastal Glass Tinting, we have over 35 years of experiences with window tinting and state laws. We will help you choose the tint that works for you and will keep you compliant.


Educate yourself on the various options.

The wide range of colors, shades, options and prices that are available for window tint can be overwhelming. Consider this and do your research before deciding on a tint. You will want to choose something that fits your style, looks good with your vehicle, complies with state laws and provides functionality. Use Llumars online window tint simulator to give yourself some ideas before you reach out to a professional. Then, give us a call, and feel comfortable leaving your car in the hands of Wilmington’s most trusted window tinting professionals.


Consult a professional.

With the local laws and all the options available, don’t let yourself be intimidated. Let the experts guide you through your decision and help you find the tint that works best for you and your lifestyle. Look for an installer in your area who has been in business for many years and research online reviews. A proper window tinting expert will help you choose the right tint, and a professional installer will ensure the job is done right.


Maintain your investment.

Be sure to follow all recommendations after your tint is installed. Coastal Glass will provide you with detailed instructions, but some of the basics include waiting for a few days before cleaning and rolling down your windows. After the tint is applied, the window is usually cleaned by the installer. When cleaning, it is recommended to use a soft paper towel and an ammonia-free cleaner. The professionals at Coastal Glass will ensure you are prepared and ready to take care of your investment before you hit the road.


Window tinting offers countless benefits, but it essential that it is done right and meets all your needs. At Coastal Glass Tinting we offer several car window tint packages and we will help find the perfect fit for you! Contacts us today to schedule an appointment.