Five Tips for Maintaining Your Coastal Home

Living by the sea is an undeniably an unsurpassed luxury for those who are fortunate enough to experience it. Those of us living in coastal North Carolina are some of the luckiest ones that have it at our fingertips. While we appreciate our surroundings, the salty coastal air can be tough on our homes. However with the proper knowledge and a little bit of work, you can keep you investment in great shape and add years of life. Here are five tips for maintaining your coastal home.


Implement a checklist.

Execute a procedure that includes monthly, quarterly, seasonal and annual maintenance duties. This is extremely important for those that aren’t in their coastal home full time. Make notes to check HVAC units, inspect wiring, pressure wash the exterior, and perform a deep clean. Having an organized checklist with documentation helps to avoid confusion and ensures required chores are being completed. This way there are no unanswered questions if issues arise.


Prevent buildup.

If you have metal around your coastal home it’s essential to prevent salt build-up before it begins. Rinse all surfaces regularly with fresh water to remove build up. Applying WD-40 or a silicone spray to metal parts will also help slow down the deterioration process.


Inspect regularly.

Inspect your home and the surrounding areas for mold on a regular basis. Mold loves damp, coastal areas and it will cling to anything and accumulate rapidly. To prevent mold build up, prevention through regular inspection is key.



Regularly check for any caulking issues inside and outside of the home. Inspect for any caulking concerns around tubs, showers and sinks and replace quickly if it’s deteriorating. Check windows, doors, and thresholds for any cracks or broken seals. Caulk the edges, fill cracks and repair if needed.


Window maintenance.

Windows are so important to a coastal homes structure, so it is essential that they are well maintained. Not only do they help owners and guests enjoy the beautiful view, they provide protection and can completely change the look of your home. It is important that they are cleaned and inspected regularly. Quality window film is also a crucial piece of maintaining a coastal home. Superior window tint like Llumar Ceramic Series, installed by our specialists at Coastal Glass will protect your coastal home from damaging UV rays, potential break-ins and can offer help in the wake of strong storms. Our corrosion-resistant film provides 99 percent UV rejection, which provides protection from heat, glare and harmful rays without compromising aesthetics.  Low reflectivity and a neutral color will maintain the classic appearance of your coastal home inside and out. With this window film you can enjoy the view while you protect the home you love, and everyone in it.


Clearly the perks of living by the ocean far outweigh the work it takes to protect your home. However, it is important to understand how important preventative maintenance is to your home and to implement these tips. But leave the windows to us at Coastal Glass. For strong and beautiful windows call us today – we’ll worry about the windows while you enjoy your home at the beach.


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