Does the car tint go on the outside?

No, automotive film is always applied to the inside of the glass.

Can old film be removed from windows?

Yes, we can remove old film from automobiles and residential/commerical glass. Call our office and we can provide you with a price range for your particular job.

Why are there bubbles in my tint?

Window film needs drying time. The water that is used to apply the film will dry out of vehicles within 5-10 days and within 10-30 days for residential/commerical jobs depending on the weather conditions.

Would the rear defroster damage the film?

No, the tint will not interfere with the rear defrost wires.

How long does the film last?

FormulaOne Films are backed with a lifetime warranty, not only as long as you own the car but the life of the car. If you sell your car the warranty can get passed on to the next owner!

How do I care for my film?

It’s simple. Clean your film with a mild soap and water solution using a soft clean cloth or soft paper towel. Never use brushes or cleaners containing abrasives or ammonia.

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