Why Cheaper isn’t Better When it Comes to Window Tinting

There are many benefits to tinting your windows, but when it comes to installing, it’s always best to hire a professional. Initially it may be easier on your wallet to DIY or go for the cheaper installation in town, but, in the end, it may end up costing hundreds of extra dollars. Here are some things you should always consider when shopping around for window tint and why cheaper isn’t better when it comes to window tinting.


Knowledge of regulations.

According to North Carolinas regulations, sedan, coupe and wagon tint must allow at least 35% of the light in. SUVs, trucks and vans get a bit more leniency—the front windows must allow at least 35% of light in, but the back-seat windows and rear windshield can be any level of darkness. On all vehicles, the front windshield can have a visor strip down to the AS1 line—or 5 inches—and the light transmission needs to be at least 35%. However, a clear un-tinted film can be applied to the entire front windshield to reduce harmful UV rays.


As you can see, tinting windows is more complicated than slapping on some DIY tint or calling the cheapest local installer. Window tinting is an art, one which should be handled by experienced professionals who can keep your car beautiful and its passengers safe. To ensure that your window tint follows the law and looks great, be sure to work with trusted professionals such as Coastal Glass Tinting. We know the North Carolina laws, we know the products, and we know how to take your vehicle to the next level.


Higher quality products.

DIY kits or cheap companies will not have a superior product. Over time, these cheap tints will bubble, fade, discolor and peal. As Llumar Pro Dealers we only offer the best and highest quality that the tinting world has to offer. Designed with the latest technology and backed by warranties, Llumar’s advanced window films provide the best in class and a long-lasting color for that classic look. As a part of this exclusive Llumar network, we at Coastal Glass are committed to delivering superior services and essential expertise to our clients.


Professionalism and expert installation.

Window tinting experts install every day—we have this job down. For over 30 years, we have been installing window tint on cars, boats, homes and commercial businesses. We have evolved with the changing technology and offer the best window tinting products available. At Coastal Glass, our customers become family and much of our business includes repeat customers who always come back for more! These are key qualities to look for when searching for a window tinting professional.


Hiring a window tinting expert eliminates all of the concerns associated with DIY or cheap window tint installation. True professionals know which types of film work best with your glass and will help you make the best choice for your home, vehicle or business. Their experience and training ensures that the installation will be right the first time, and if any problems do arise, these are often covered in the initial cost. To avoid the problems that can come with an inferior installation, contact the experts at Coastal Glass Tinting today. Our trained and skilled specialists will install window tint the right way with the best products.