Before spending a lot of money on auto, home, or business window tints, one thing to consider is how durable they are. Many factors affect the durability of window tints, including the quality of the film selected. At Coastal Glass Tinting, we only source the best car window films for our clients in the Southeastern Carolina area. In this post, we discuss how to install window car tints that last for years and years.

Factors that Affect the Lifespan of Your Automotive Tint

As mentioned, how long your car window tint lasts is influenced by a wide range of factors. Our Llumar Formula One auto window tint can last for more than a decade in harsh conditions. Here are factors that impact the lifespan of your automotive tint:

The Quality of Tint and the Installation Process

One of the biggest determinants of how long your car window tint lasts is the quality of the film selected and the installation process. The higher the quality of the film, the longer it will serve you, and vice versa. Working with a window tinting professional will ensure you get high-quality car window tints and a high-standard installation service. Doing the installation yourself with cheap store-bought window films will leave creases or visible bubbles in the film. This not only looks displeasing to the eye but also means the durability will be significantly compromised.

Environmental Factors

Long-term exposure to direct UV rays from the sun will depreciate the window tint’s quality, causing the film to fade, crack, and peel over time. Cheap tints are more prone to damage from the sun’s rays and excessive heat compared to high-quality, expensive tints. However, as long as you park where there’s minimal direct sun exposure, your window tint should hold up well.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your window tint are great practices that will make it last longer. Left unattended, your window tint will deteriorate fast. Note that window cleaning products containing ammonia can damage your vehicle. Clean using clean microfibre cloths to avoid scratching and stretching the film.

The Car Window Tint Installation Process 

Here is what to expect when getting your car window tinting done by professionals at Coastal Glass Tinting:

Prepping the Windows

The technician will take your car to a safe space without wind and dust, preferably a spacious area in their garage. Then, using a soap and water solution, a sponge, and a squeegee, they will clean the windows to remove dirt and debris.


Your installer will take measurements of your car windows and consequently cut precise pieces of film from a master roll to fit the dimensions. They will then use a heat gun to shrink the film, making it curve to the glass.

Peel Board

Once your installer has cut the film to match the patterns of each of your car windows perfectly, they will remove the film and place it on a peelboard. This assists in carving out the finer details to match the shape of your windows.


Once again, the installers use a soap and water solution to install the film onto the window’s interior surface. They will spray the solution on the window and the film. The installer will peel off the release liner and carefully apply the film to the window. Using a squeegee, they’ll remove any excess solution from beneath the film.

Final Checks

Your installer and their team will perform financial checks to ensure the film is applied correctly. They will also inspect the interior and exterior to determine if anything needs repair.

Letting Your Film Dry

After a job well done, the installer and their team will call you to pick up your car. They will advise you to avoid rolling down your windows for three days to give your film ample time to cure. 

How to Maintain Your Car Window Tint

 Here are some tips to make your car window tints last longer:

  • Use the right cleaning products and tools. Clean with ammonia-free products and a soft microfiber cloth, sponge, or squeegee.
  • If you recently had your window tints installed, wait several days before washing your windows to give them enough time to cure.
  • Always park in shaded areas, and if that’s impossible, invest in a sunshade to reduce sunlight damage.
  • Add a scratch-resistant layer over your window tints to avoid stretching. 

Invest in Quality with Coastal Glass Tinting

Tired of your window tint constantly peeling or fading away? Look no further! Coastal Glass Tinting is here to offer you top-quality tint that’ll serve you for years. Say good riddance to constant replacements, and hello to durable window tinting solutions. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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