Window tinting is a great way to make the inside of your vehicle cooler and more comfortable. However, not all tints are created equal. At Coastal Glass Auto Tinting, we deal in the best quality tints and are ready to help you find an excellent window shade for your vehicle. This post highlights some of the varying types of car window tints you can choose from. Pass by any of our auto shops today to get a shade that complements your vehicle. 

Good – Dyed Films

This form of window tint is a great choice when you want to save money. There are numerous levels of darkness, and you can choose one that is ideal for you. One thing to keep in mind is that dyed window tints are not good at rejecting heat, nor are they good at protecting the insides of your car. Typically dyed window tints are more or less just for appearance and not performance.

Better – Single Layer Ceramic Films

Single layer ceramic films are the next step up from dyed films, and the look amazing. This style of tint blocks out UVa and UVb rays, helps protect the interior of your car, reduces glare, and helps to keep the interior of your vehicle nice and cool in the hot Summer days.

Best – Double Layer Ceramic Films

Most auto tinting experts consider ceramic window shades as the best form of window tinting. This is because it has the potential to block above 99% of the UVa and UVb rays your car is exposed to. Furthermore, ceramic particles do not conduct heat and thus can give you a similar amount of sunlight reflection but with enhanced insulation. This tint also blocks up to 96% of all heat-producing solar waves, which makes it the best tint to use when you want to keep your car cool. 

Ceramic window tints also don’t contain any dyes or metallic bits. Therefore, they hardly fade as time passes, nor do they interrupt your car’s radio signals. These shades are also shatterproof, just like metallic tints, thus offering your car’s windows more protection. Another added advantage is that these shades also help lower glare without adding a dark tint, meaning your vehicle gets the luxury of an effective and lighter window tint. 

Coastal Glass Tinting: Your Destination for Quality Window Tint Shades for Cars

Car window tinting can add numerous benefits to your car, from protecting the interior to lowering the intensity of the UV rays. We have the best quality stock at Coastal Glass Auto Tinting for whatever window shade you want. We serve the Southeastern North Carolina area and are the only Eastman Formula One dealer in the region. Furthermore, we have been in the business for more than 42 years and know more about window tints than any other auto company in the area. 

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