One of the first things most people think about after purchasing a new car is getting a window tint. This upgrade not only improves your car’s aesthetics, but also offers UV protection and leads to significant savings on energy costs. Now the question remains: Do you go for ceramic or regular tint? 

At Coastal Glass Tinting, we have been installing the highest quality tinting products since 1980 and know everything about various types of window films. Below, we outline the significant differences between ceramic tint versus regular tint. Visit any of our shops in the Southeastern North Carolina area today for a professional window tint installation.  

What is Ceramic Tint? 

Ceramic tints rely on the latest advancements in window film technology. The films are coated with ceramic particles for enhanced performance and can block heat, glare, and harmful UV rays. They also prevent the penetration of visible sunlight and offer enhanced privacy. Hence, they are the ideal option if you are looking for the best of both worlds.   

What is Regular Tint? 

Regular tint, or dyed window film, is the most basic tint available today. It is precisely what its name implies: a dyed film made of polyester sheets or any other laminated material that blackens the shades of your vehicle’s windows. These tints have different colors and shades, but their primary purpose is to block sunlight and offer more privacy. 

Ceramic Tint and Regular Tint Compared

Ceramic and regular window films largely differ in the following ways: 

Heat rejection capabilities

Ceramic tint is better at heat rejection compared to regular window films. While ordinary tints can keep out some of the sunlight and heat, most of it passes through. Ceramic window films, on the other hand, effectively block up to 85% of the heat without interfering with Wi-Fi, radio, GPS, and other electronic signals.  

UV protection

Regular tints do not offer any protection against harmful UV rays and can let the glasses heat up, causing potential breakage or damage. Ceramic tints, however, are excellent at blocking UVA and UVB radiation. The ceramic particles used to manufacture them can refract the UV rays in different directions, ensuring they do not penetrate your car.  

Clarity and visibility

While both tint types come in different shades, allowing you to choose your preferred darkness level, the ceramic ones offer enhanced clarity. They can significantly lower the sun’s glare, making your view from the car clearer than it is with regular window films.  

Lifespan and durability

Regular tints are easily damaged by the sun, so you have to replace them after some time, especially if your car is often under prolonged exposure. Conversely, ceramic tints offer superior durability and enhance the strength of your car’s windows. 

Which Tint is Right for You?

Ultimately, the choice of ceramic tint versus regular tint is all up to you. Regular tint will make more sense if you are looking for the most affordable option. However, if you want enhanced protection and more cost savings over time, the best option is a ceramic tint. Additionally, this type of window film offers extra style and privacy that lasts a very long time.  

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