Marine window tinting is a vital consideration for all boat owners. If you own a marine vehicle, whether for commercial or recreational purposes, you know the importance of protecting it from the scorching sun and heat. In addition to being uncomfortable for your passengers, the sun’s rays and heat can cause a lot of damage to the interior and exterior of your boat.

At Coastal Glass Tinting, we specialize in providing top-notch automotive, residential, and commercial solar control window films and installation within the North Carolina area. Join us as we dive into details surrounding marine and boat window tinting.

Benefits of Window Tint for Your Boat

Window tinting will have a significant impact on your boat due to its sleek style and look. Here are other advantages of window tinting for marine vehicles:


Tinting your boat windows is a great way to keep prying eyes away when you are out in the water. It will increase your safety and privacy as you are out fishing, kayaking, or sunbathing. Also, with high-quality window tint, your valuables inside the cabin can be kept hidden from view, especially when parked at the dock.  

Protect from UV Rays

The luxurious feel and look of your boat are priceless, so it needs protection from fading and cracking because of the sun’s destructive rays. Marine and boat window tinting will do just that by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun that cause fading of fabrics and furniture destruction. Also, passengers on board can be protected from long periods of exposure to the sun’s cancerous UV rays.

Reduces Heat

Insulation is another key advantage of boat window tinting. Marine window tinting can help reduce up to 70% of your cabin’s heat. While your boat is a source of lots of fun and adventure, having the option to take a breather from the heat and cool off in the cabin is the epitome of luxury. Dark tints will keep your marine vessel cooler in the summer. ‘

Reduce Glare

Even with your boat’s setup, sun glare can be uncomfortable and dangerous, especially for the captain. Professional marine and boat window tinting will block glare to improve visibility and reduce eye fatigue even when the sun is very bright. This will help keep passengers comfortable and the captain in control of the vessel.

Increase in Fuel Efficiency

One of the primary factors connecting boat window tint to fuel efficiency is its ability to lower the interior temperature of the vessel. The air conditioning system consumes a lot of fuel. Air conditioning can also lead to a significant decline in fuel efficiency. Therefore, by investing in high-quality window tint, your boat can reduce its dependency on air conditioning, leading to fuel savings.

How To Care For Boat Window Tints?

Once you have your windows tinted, wait for approximately 30 days before cleaning to give it sufficient time to cure. Clean often using a soft cloth and ammonia-free window cleaning solution. Avoid exerting excessive pressure when cleaning the window film, and never leave the window film wet. Dry it using a soft, clean cloth.

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Trust Coastal Glass Tinting for High-Quality Marine & Boat Window Tinting Services

Having your boat windows tinted is not as cut-and-dry as most would assume. To draw maximum benefits, you should let a window tinting expert work on your boat. At Coastal Glass Tinting, we have the best quality stock for any window shade you want. We boast 42 years of experience and know more about marine and boat window tinting than any other company in the area.

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