When is the Best Time to have Window Tinting Installed?

The time has changed, it’s darker earlier and the sun is lower in the sky—right as you are sitting down to a family dinner or to catch up on the news. As you’re fighting the annoying glare you’re tempted to pick up the phone and finally get that window tinting quote, but then you think — is this really the season for window tinting? If you live in southern N.C., it is! Here’s how time of year and climate impact the quality of your tint.



The air is clean and crisp here in Southeastern N.C., which means it’s the perfect time to get that tint professionally applied by Coastal Glass. We can help with that annoying glare and prevent fading of important items in your home such as rugs, furniture and art work. Tinting now also means you won’t have to worry about it the following summer when temperatures are high and the sun is beating down on your windows.



Our mild winters make winter a perfect time to apply film.  Coastal Glass  can handle all your tinting needs this winter – or any season. You might also appreciate the extra privacy protection tinting provides over the holidays when there are presents piled under the tree.



Spring is a good time to have tinting installed because the climate is at a perfect balance. Just keep in mind those April showers and rising humidity. Still, it’s nothing our experienced installers from Coastal Glass can’t handle! We’ll keep all this in mind as we are helping you to choose a tint that best suits your needs.



Since the air is warmer during summer months the tint will cure faster.  Coastal Glass Tinting has been servicing this area since 1980 and we are extremely comfortable with tinting all year long. In addition to fading, protection and privacy, tinting also helps with energy savings, which is a huge benefit this time of year.


Because of North Carolina’s mild fall and winter, right now is the perfect time to contact us to schedule an appointment. However, with our many years of experience and highly skilled professionals we are comfortable installing window films any time of year!