Beat the Heat with Automotive Window Tinting

Picture this: It’s 5 p.m., the end of a long day at work. All you want to do is go home, eat a nice dinner, and crack open a cold drink. But first you must get there, and that means getting in your car, which has been baking in the parking lot all day. The second you open the door, the hot air hits you. Sitting behind the wheel is like sliding into an oven. You crank up the AC, but it blows hot air for the first six minutes. By the time you finally get home, you’re sweaty, irritable, and in a bad mood, which is a terrible way to start your evening! That’s right—it’s summer in Wilmington, and 100 degrees is your new normal.

So how can you avoid this uncomfortable reality for the next four months? Easy—by tinting your windows! Automotive window tint has many benefits, which are even more important in the summer. By tinting your windows, you’ll stay cool, feel comfortable, and protect your car. Want to know more? You’ve come to the right place!


Stay Cool


If you choose the right window tint (and don’t worry—the professionals at Coastal Glass Tinting are happy to offer guidance) you can reduce the heat in your car by up to 60%. When you leave work at the end of the day, you’ll feel nothing but cool relief.


Enjoy Privacy


Wilmington is a tourist destination, which means each summer our roads and highways fill with visitors. Dealing with the influx of people can be a headache, especially in traffic jams near Wrightsville Beach. Enjoy some privacy behind the cover of window tint, even when you’re bumper to bumper with an extra 10,000 people.


Shatter Proof


Window tint doesn’t just look great—it can also make your car safer! Tint helps keep your car window glass in place on impact protecting you and your passengers from flying glass in case of an unfortunate accident.


Extra Protection


Window tint can reduce harmful UV rays by up to 99%. Not only does this protect the interior of your car from premature aging, it also protects your skin from the same! Cut down your risk of skin cancer and prolong the life of your car with window tint—what could be easier?


While window tint offers countless benefits year-round, the summer is a great time to bite the bullet and bring in your car for an appointment. Make the most of our awesome summer weather and treat yourself to tinted windows today!