5 Common Window Film Myths Exposed

Window tint has many benefits for home, business and vehicle owners, so we are never surprised when we receive positive feedback from our customers. However, there remain a few dreaded rumors that often steer people away from window tinting in general. Don’t let these five misguided myths stop you from choosing a quality tint that can save money and improve your overall comfort.


Tinted windows are too dark.

Much has changed in the world of tinting over the years. Many years ago, tint was often dark enough to make homes or businesses gloomy and depressing. Modern day window films can actually do the opposite, blocking the glare from direct sunlight which allows more natural light to enter the space. Not only is there a variety of different shades from which you can choose, but tinting also helps in beating the heat and UV rays without keeping you in the dark.


You cannot properly clean windows after tinting.

Tinted windows can be cleaned just like any others. Be sure to check the films’ specifications for more detailed instructions, but otherwise your cleaning routine can basically remain the same as it was before the treatment.


Window film does not age well.

Many people assume that with time, a window film’s effectiveness and sleek look will fade. However, with a high quality product and proper installation this is simply not true.  Coastal Glass Tinting has employed experts in window films since 1980 and is the largest and most experienced window tinting company in southeastern North Carolina. We are the exclusive Southeastern NC dealer for several of the industry’s best products. Our knowledge and experience consistently keeps our clients satisfied with a superior and sustainable product.


Window tint doesn’t function well.

Window tint makes your home, business or vehicle look great, and it performs well, too. However, window tinting is not all show; it protects your home and auto investments and reduces energy costs. Another advantage to tinting your windows is the benefit of added privacy. It makes your home, business, and car’s interior less visible to any potential wandering eyes. Proper tinting also keeps your space cool and comfortable, while helping lower energy bills when you aren’t cranking up the air conditioning. The UV blocking guards your home and vehicle’s upholstery, carpet and furniture, keeping the fabrics from fading.


All window films are the same.

One of the most far-fetched myths about window films is that they are all created equal. That is not the case; there is a wide variety of styles and types of tints, and many variations are made from different materials and serve different purposes. While price is always a factor, you don’t want to choose a film because it’s the cheapest you could find. Whether it’s for your car, home, or commercial building, you will need to find the tint with the right balance of price, visibility, shade and security. At Coastal Glass Tinting we can help you find the best tint for you and your investment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your requirements and options.