3 Benefits of Window Tint for Your Boat

When most people think about window tint, they immediately picture a sleek sports car zipping down the highway, dark windows shielding the passengers from prying eyes. While there are certainly many reasons to tint the windows of your car, the benefits don’t stop there! At Coastal Glass Tinting, we also offer tinting services for homes, businesses, and boats.

Believe it or not, marine window film is one of our most popular products. This isn’t too surprising, since we live so close to Wrightsville Beach and the Intracoastal Waterway. After all, window tint isn’t just an aesthetic choice—it also offers many benefits. Below are the top three.

It keeps the sun out and lets you see where you’re going.

A beautiful, cloudless day on the water is a boat captain’s dream come true—until you remember that water reflects light, and you spend the next four hours being blinded as you try to steer the ship straight. Window tint will cut down on glare significantly, so you can drive your boat all day without hitting other people, islands, or sandbars. You’ll save yourself some squinting, too!

It blocks UV rays, which are more harmful on the water.

When you’re out on the water, cruising around Masonboro Island or flying by Carolina Beach, it’s just you, your boat, and the wide-open sea—which means there’s nowhere to find shade and escape from the sun! Window tint provides just the right amount of coverage, while also blocking 99% of UV rays. Not bad!

It keeps your valuables hidden, even when your boat isn’t in use.

For boat owners who keep their vessels docked at a marina or in storage, there is always the worry that someone might try to break into your boat or steal your valuables. You can discourage this by keeping the interior of your boat hidden behind window tint. People will be less inclined to risk robbing you if they aren’t sure what you have.

If you’re planning to spend the summer boating at the beach, do yourself a favorite and make an appointment with Coastal Glass Tinting today. Marine tint is an investment in your health, your safety, and your possessions that you won’t regret making—trust us!